Money Grow In Three

While we heard that money don’t grow in trees, my positive mindset however says money can grow in three. Yes, money is like a seed that can grow in three. How did I make it happen?

By putting my money in Prulife Assurance Account plus or PAA plus (Prulink Protection Plus back in 2008), I made my money grow in three:

#1 Through its riders which further branched out to three:

1.1. First immediate experience of mine is with it’s Hospital Income Benefit. Specifically through it’s Daily Hospital Income, after one and a half month of acquiring the plan, I earned 4,000Php for my two days stay in hospital due to Acute Gastritis in 2008 Dec 1 (written in ). Nine and a quarter of years after on April 17, 2017 l was hospitalized again but only for a day due to illnessesdehydration ( ) and I earned 2,000Php.

But, there are three more in Hospital Income Rider apart from Daily Hospital Income. Included in this rider are: a) Intensive Care Unit Benefit, where I can get double the amount of Daily Hospital Income Expense b) Long-term Hospitalization Benefit and c) Surgical Expense Benefit. Of course this is not a way of living but where can you find a way to earn even when you are sick?

1.2. Second rider benefit which I also immediately experience is the Personal Accident Rider Benefit Personal Accident Rider Benefit. Two months after investing in Prulink Assurance Account Plus, I was able to avail the Accidental Medical Expense Reimbursement when I was bitten by a dog. Yet again, there is more… also included are: Accidental Death and Disablement Benefit; Accidental Total and Permanent Disability; Murder and Assault Benefit; and Double Indemnity

1.3. The third rider benefit that I haven’t yet and hope not to experience, but nevertheless indeed a rider we need to have is the Accelerated Life Care Benefit. In this rider, I can advance the protection benefit had I been diagnosed with any of the 36 illnesses.

2. Fund Value in my best layman’s terms is the income earned from the type of investment I chose to link my policy to. It is from the fund value that I can withdraw had the need arise so long as there remains a balance sufficient enough to cover some charges. In my plan, if I die it will be added to the sum assured and 125% top ups as the total death benifit to be given to the beneficiery,

So, after nine years and five months of investing in this plan, I decided to check my policy’s fund value and it is close to projected amount. Knowing that my Prulink funds are flexible, I decided to shift my investment from growth fund to equity fund hoping to further increase it’s growth.

3. Core Benefit, the center of my monthly savings comes in two:

3.1. Sum Assured. In my layman’s understanding, this is the amount that the Prulife promises to pay my beneficiery had I died. This is added to the remaining fund value and 125% top ups I made as sum total of Death Benefit attached to this plan.

3.2 . Accelerated Total and Permanent Disability is a partial amount of the sum assured that Prulife promise to advance had I been totally and permanently disabled resulting to incapable to work and earn a living.

So, after having reviewed the benefits I enjoy in investing my money in Prulink Assurance Account Plus, there is no sulking over the fact that money does not grow on trees, because money can grow in three.

Make no delays. Make your money work for you now. Prepare for the worst. Talk to a Prulife policy owner, beneficiery and licensed Financial Advisor. Talk to the woman of Pru , Carmelita Nova Mayo Alcantara.

Author: lamyarda

I defy stereotype so you may either get surprises or disappointments. I am not perfect so at times I maybe so stupid or out of my mind.

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